Club Fair Returns to MHS


Photo Courtesy of Jade Decker

Club presidents advertise their clubs at the club fair.

Taylor Ferrarone, Features Page Director

In the past, Club Fair has been the epitome of Mamaroneck High School’s spirit. “It showcases the breadth of interests and passions of our students,” said Carol Scheffler (Coordinator of Student Affairs). MHS boasts upwards of 60 clubs and is on track to add 15-20 new clubs this year. From cooking to community service, creative writing to music critique, crocheting to investment, the possibilities are endless; Club Fair is the primary introduction to this world of opportunity

So what exactly is Club Fair? In previous years, Club Fair was a bi-annual event where all of MHS’ clubs come together to show the student body what they have to offer. The sight was reminiscent of a street fair, with tables and booths lining the track, hoping to entice new members with colorful posters and tasty snacks. It provided students with a way to reach out and ask questions, to sign up and see club leaders in action.

2021 saw a return back to the old Club Fair experience. An increased distance between booths enhanced the event, as the once crowded track was more spaced out, showcasing each club more uniquely and providing more chances to interact with club leaders. Despite these changes, students still packed the track to get a glimpse and interact with the many clubs showcased at the fair. Club presidents created intricate signs and, in some cases, displays to attract future members. Many clubs received a record number of sign-ups as the excited student body jumped on the chance to get involved with the school. 

The club experience will be slowly returning to normal as well. While the term Focus Friday meetings may bring a shudder to some club leaders, clubs will be welcomed to have in person meetings during the fall. Clubs can continue to meet at lunch or after school, with one caveat— clubs must meet outside, as students will not be allowed inside the school building during lunch. “Ms. Clain plans to review the policy as winter approaches, and will base further decisions on COVID-19 guidelines,” said Scheffler.

This year, the school is no longer using ClubHub, the online database for club information used last year. In place of it, students can now find the MHS Club Brochure located conveniently on the MHS website. It includes a complete list of all of the clubs offered at MHS along with brief descriptions of each. If students are interested in joining a club they have not signed up for or need more information on, they can go to Scheffler, who will help connect them with the club president(s).