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2020-2021 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Mark Yukelis Editor-in-Chief See Mark Yukelis’s profile
See Mark Yukelis’s profile
Sela Breen Editor-in-Chief See Sela Breen’s profile
See Sela Breen’s profile
Caitlyn Carpenter Editor-in-Chief See Caitlyn Carpenter’s profile
See Caitlyn Carpenter’s profile
Brandi Ritter Editorial Managing Editor See Brandi Ritter’s profile
See Brandi Ritter’s profile
Kate Solomon Editorial Managing Editor See Kate Solomon’s profile
See Kate Solomon’s profile
Sydney Girvin Editorial Managing Editor See Sydney Girvin’s profile
See Sydney Girvin’s profile
Rebecca Herzberg Formatting Managing Editor See Rebecca Herzberg’s profile
See Rebecca Herzberg’s profile
Tess Lepelstat Editorial Director See Tess Lepelstat’s profile
See Tess Lepelstat’s profile
Chris Ciulla Editorial Director See Chris Ciulla’s profile
See Chris Ciulla’s profile
Fatimah Khan Art/Photography Director See Fatimah Khan’s profile
See Fatimah Khan’s profile
Sascha Melamed Multimedia Director See Sascha Melamed’s profile
See Sascha Melamed’s profile
Lulu Tantillo Multimedia Director See Lulu Tantillo’s profile
See Lulu Tantillo’s profile
Sydney Susswein Sports Page Director See Sydney Susswein’s profile
See Sydney Susswein’s profile
Evan Epstein Sports Page Director See Evan Epstein’s profile
See Evan Epstein’s profile
Madison Rosen Spotlight Page Director See Madison Rosen’s profile
See Madison Rosen’s profile
Henry Bova A&L Page Director See Henry Bova’s profile
See Henry Bova’s profile
Maia Glazer H&W Page Director See Maia Glazer’s profile
See Maia Glazer’s profile
Olivia Daly H&W Page Director See Olivia Daly’s profile
See Olivia Daly’s profile
Michaela Loughran Spotlight Page Director See Michaela Loughran’s profile
See Michaela Loughran’s profile
Nadia Suben Op-Ed Page Director See Nadia Suben’s profile
See Nadia Suben’s profile
Abby Tucker News Page Director See Abby Tucker’s profile
See Abby Tucker’s profile
Spencer Wolff News Page Director See Spencer Wolff’s profile
See Spencer Wolff’s profile
Tista Goswami Features Page Director See Tista Goswami’s profile
See Tista Goswami’s profile
Jamie Soropolous Op-Ed Page Director See Jamie Soropolous’s profile
See Jamie Soropolous’s profile
Simon Worth Sports Assistant Page Editor See Simon Worth’s profile
See Simon Worth’s profile
Kira Walter A&L Assistant Page Editor See Kira Walter’s profile
See Kira Walter’s profile
Taylor Ferrarone Features Assistant Page Editor See Taylor Ferrarone’s profile
See Taylor Ferrarone’s profile
William Anderson News Assistant Page Editor See William Anderson’s profile
See William Anderson’s profile
Sarah Colbert Op-Ed Assistant Page Editor See Sarah Colbert’s profile
See Sarah Colbert’s profile
Vincent Jacobe de Naurois Business Manager See Vincent Jacobe de Naurois’s profile
See Vincent Jacobe de Naurois’s profile
Samantha Rosuck Business Manager See Samantha Rosuck’s profile
See Samantha Rosuck’s profile
Hannah Rogoff Multimedia Director See Hannah Rogoff’s profile
See Hannah Rogoff’s profile
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