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2021-2022 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Caitlyn Carpenter Editor-In-Chief See Caitlyn Carpenter’s profile
See Caitlyn Carpenter’s profile
Rebecca Herzberg Editor-In-Chief See Rebecca Herzberg’s profile
See Rebecca Herzberg’s profile
Fatimah Khan Editor-In-Chief See Fatimah Khan’s profile
See Fatimah Khan’s profile
Tista Goswami Managing Editor See Tista Goswami’s profile
See Tista Goswami’s profile
Micheala Loughran Managing Editor See Micheala Loughran’s profile
See Micheala Loughran’s profile
Kira Walter Managing Editor See Kira Walter’s profile
See Kira Walter’s profile
Nadia Suben Editorial Director See Nadia Suben’s profile
See Nadia Suben’s profile
William Anderson Editorial Director See William Anderson’s profile
See William Anderson’s profile
Jade Decker News Page Director See Jade Decker’s profile
See Jade Decker’s profile
Leah Brody News Page Editor See Leah Brody’s profile
See Leah Brody’s profile
Kaya Alper-Nocera News Page Editor See Kaya Alper-Nocera’s profile
See Kaya Alper-Nocera’s profile
Juliet Zucker A&L Page Director See Juliet Zucker’s profile
See Juliet Zucker’s profile
Griffin McIntyre A&L Page Director See Griffin McIntyre’s profile
See Griffin McIntyre’s profile
Ellie Gurreiro A&L Page Editor See Ellie Gurreiro’s profile
See Ellie Gurreiro’s profile
Larissa Bertini A&L Page Editor See Larissa Bertini’s profile
See Larissa Bertini’s profile
Oliva Daly H&W Page Director See Oliva Daly’s profile
See Oliva Daly’s profile
Katie Loga H&W Page Director See Katie Loga’s profile
See Katie Loga’s profile
Samantha Siegel H&W Page Editor See Samantha Siegel’s profile
See Samantha Siegel’s profile
Sebastian Gold H&W Page Editor See Sebastian Gold’s profile
See Sebastian Gold’s profile
Sarah Colbert Op-Ed Page Director See Sarah Colbert’s profile
See Sarah Colbert’s profile
Scarlett Kurtis Op-Ed Page Editor See Scarlett Kurtis’s profile
See Scarlett Kurtis’s profile
Thomas Gelles Op-Ed Page Editor See Thomas Gelles’s profile
See Thomas Gelles’s profile
Taylor Ferrarone Features Page Director See Taylor Ferrarone’s profile
See Taylor Ferrarone’s profile
Ben Kulish Features Page Director See Ben Kulish’s profile
See Ben Kulish’s profile
Penelope Hall Features Page Editor See Penelope Hall’s profile
See Penelope Hall’s profile
Kate Boswell Spotlight Page Director See Kate Boswell’s profile
See Kate Boswell’s profile
Ella Shapiro Spotlight Page Director See Ella Shapiro’s profile
See Ella Shapiro’s profile
Anatoli Velikov Spotlight Page Editor See Anatoli Velikov’s profile
See Anatoli Velikov’s profile
Charlie Dirs Spotlight Page Editor See Charlie Dirs’s profile
See Charlie Dirs’s profile
Samantha Rosuck Sports Page Director See Samantha Rosuck’s profile
See Samantha Rosuck’s profile
Jane McNally Sports Page Director See Jane McNally’s profile
See Jane McNally’s profile
Kim Wei Art/Photography Director See Kim Wei’s profile
See Kim Wei’s profile
Kiera Butler Art/Photography Director See Kiera Butler’s profile
See Kiera Butler’s profile
Bryan Contreras Art/Photography Director See Bryan Contreras’s profile
See Bryan Contreras’s profile
Zoe Fisch Magazine Director See Zoe Fisch’s profile
See Zoe Fisch’s profile
Paisley Flammenbaum Magazine Director See Paisley Flammenbaum’s profile
See Paisley Flammenbaum’s profile
Josie Zevin Magazine Director See Josie Zevin’s profile
See Josie Zevin’s profile
Eliza Godin Business Manager See Eliza Godin’s profile
See Eliza Godin’s profile
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