Underrated Spring Sports

Shedding a light on the underrepresented spring sports teams as their seasons come to an end.
Junior Max Li, a singles player on Boys Varsity Tennis, returns a shot at Flint Park.
Junior Max Li, a singles player on Boys Varsity Tennis, returns a shot at Flint Park.

Sports are an integral part of the Mamaroneck High School culture. Hundreds of students flock to Memorial Field, the Palmer Gym, and venues across Westchester to view, most notably, the football, basketball, and lacrosse teams play. 

However, there are many sports at Mamaroneck High School that do not get the recognition they deserve, some of which are spring sports. While MHS cannot have 300 students cheering on the golf team at Winged Foot Golf Club or start “Murda” chants at Flint Park while enjoying a tennis match, MHS students can recognize the efforts of these teams who represent Mamaroneck just like our football or basketball teams. 

The Mamaroneck Golf Team faces some of Section 1’s best competition at difficult courses including the Winged Foot Golf Club and Quaker Ridge Golf Club. Six players are chosen for each match, and the five players with the lowest scores are counted towards the team’s score. Mikey Dillon (’25) speaks of his experience on the team stating that “the overall vibe of the team this year is special.” Dillion continues, noting how “the ultimate goal is to have fun and enjoy the awesome courses we get to play each week.”

Currently sporting a 12-5 record following matches against Section 1’s strongest teams, the team still has high hopes for Sectionals. “Hopefully, we can keep the good vibes going and continue to grow and have fun,” Dillon enthusiast remarks. 

Along with the Varsity Golf Team, the Boys Tennis Team also often remains underrepresented. The team plays their home matches at Flint Park, and they, too, find themselves competing against some of Westchester’s best competition. 

The team has started their season strong, with a 4-2 record including two key wins against Byram Hills which made the state championship two years ago. The team is yet again filled with talent, including captains Maxim Kalinin (’24) and Owen Zerbib (’24). Team member Owen Master (’25) shared his aspirations for the team stating that“the ultimate goal is to win a state championship…We know we have the team to win. We just have to play our best.” 

One thing that people do not know about the Boy’s Tennis Team is that they won the first-ever New York State Tennis Championship and are tied with the most state championship wins in New York. The current team looks to continue this history of success and has its eyes on winning the state championship once again. 

Both boy’s tennis and golf have been competing for years, but this year, there is a new sport: Girls’ Flag Football. While now only a club sport, the team has members who are passionate about flag football and excited to play more in the future. 

Led by Coach Vitti and Coach Gjada, Mamaroneck plans to join the extensive list of Westchester high schools that have added Girls Flag Football to their school as a varsity sport. The team is looking forward to the chance to represent Mamaroneck on the gridiron, just like the Varsity Football team has been doing for decades. The addition of Girls Flag Football may serve as an exciting change for Mamaroneck Athletics and our school as a whole.

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