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2023-2024 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Ellie Guerreiro Editor-in-Chief (Editorial) See Ellie Guerreiro’s profile
See Ellie Guerreiro’s profile
Leah Brody Editor-in-Chief (Editorial) See Leah Brody’s profile
See Leah Brody’s profile
Joe Robb O'Hagan Editor-in-Chief (Website and Social Media) See Joe Robb O'Hagan’s profile
See Joe Robb O'Hagan’s profile
Sebastian Gold Editor-in-Chief (Managerial) See Sebastian Gold’s profile
See Sebastian Gold’s profile
Anatoli Velikov Layout Editor See Anatoli Velikov’s profile
See Anatoli Velikov’s profile
Florence Haines Managing Editor (News, Opinion) See Florence Haines’s profile
See Florence Haines’s profile
Penelope Hall Managing Editor (Features, Spotlight) See Penelope Hall’s profile
See Penelope Hall’s profile
Hannah Mehler Managing Editor (A&L, H&W, Sports) See Hannah Mehler’s profile
See Hannah Mehler’s profile
Bella Pianko Managing Editor (Website News) See Bella Pianko’s profile
See Bella Pianko’s profile
Jonah Baron Managing Editor (Website Sports) See Jonah Baron’s profile
See Jonah Baron’s profile
Lea Sampayo Editorial Director See Lea Sampayo’s profile
See Lea Sampayo’s profile
Thomas Palmer Editorial Director See Thomas Palmer’s profile
See Thomas Palmer’s profile
Tessa Goldsmith Business Director, Website Director See Tessa Goldsmith’s profile
See Tessa Goldsmith’s profile
Juliet Wei Art Team (Director) See Juliet Wei’s profile
See Juliet Wei’s profile
Katie Gill Social Media Director, Sports Team See Katie Gill’s profile
See Katie Gill’s profile
Sofia Pellegrini News Page Director See Sofia Pellegrini’s profile
See Sofia Pellegrini’s profile
Sally Anderson News Page Director See Sally Anderson’s profile
See Sally Anderson’s profile
Clare Mancini Opinion Page Director See Clare Mancini’s profile
See Clare Mancini’s profile
Emma Post Opinion Page Director See Emma Post’s profile
See Emma Post’s profile
Maddie Robinson Sports Page Director See Maddie Robinson’s profile
See Maddie Robinson’s profile
Emily Bennitt Sports Page Director See Emily Bennitt’s profile
See Emily Bennitt’s profile
Emma Erickson H&W Page Director See Emma Erickson’s profile
See Emma Erickson’s profile
Mia Reisman H&W Page Director See Mia Reisman’s profile
See Mia Reisman’s profile
Emma Lassman A&L Page Director See Emma Lassman’s profile
See Emma Lassman’s profile
Chloe Glazer A&L Page Director See Chloe Glazer’s profile
See Chloe Glazer’s profile
Mila Llorca Luth Features Page Director See Mila Llorca Luth’s profile
See Mila Llorca Luth’s profile
Olivia Evans Features Page Director See Olivia Evans’s profile
See Olivia Evans’s profile
Olivia O'Shea Spotlight Page Director See Olivia O'Shea’s profile
See Olivia O'Shea’s profile
Ciara Doogue Spotlight Page Director See Ciara Doogue’s profile
See Ciara Doogue’s profile
Alessandra Day Opinion Team See Alessandra Day’s profile
See Alessandra Day’s profile
Natalie Lord Opinion Team See Natalie Lord’s profile
See Natalie Lord’s profile
Hayley Ganis Website Director, Opinion Team See Hayley Ganis’s profile
See Hayley Ganis’s profile
Gabby Robb O'Hagan Spotlight Team See Gabby Robb O'Hagan’s profile
See Gabby Robb O'Hagan’s profile
Theo Norkin Sports Team See Theo Norkin’s profile
See Theo Norkin’s profile
Jolie Schein Features Team See Jolie Schein’s profile
See Jolie Schein’s profile
Mia Granda Features Team See Mia Granda’s profile
See Mia Granda’s profile
Sophie Iavarone H&W Team See Sophie Iavarone’s profile
See Sophie Iavarone’s profile
Ethan Arfield H&W Team See Ethan Arfield’s profile
See Ethan Arfield’s profile
Claire Reilly A&L Team See Claire Reilly’s profile
See Claire Reilly’s profile
Lila Abrams A&L Team See Lila Abrams’s profile
See Lila Abrams’s profile
Sophia Intravaia Art Team (Artist) See Sophia Intravaia’s profile
See Sophia Intravaia’s profile
Luke Franzese Art Team (Photographer) See Luke Franzese’s profile
See Luke Franzese’s profile
N'Dea Greene Art Team (Photographer) See N'Dea Greene’s profile
See N'Dea Greene’s profile
Zoe Fisch Striped Magazine Editor-in-Chief See Zoe Fisch’s profile
See Zoe Fisch’s profile
Josephine Zevin Striped Magazine Editor-in-Chief See Josephine Zevin’s profile
See Josephine Zevin’s profile
Paisley Flamenbaum Striped Magazine Editor-in-Chief See Paisley Flamenbaum’s profile
See Paisley Flamenbaum’s profile
Mickey Leopold Striped Magazine Team See Mickey Leopold’s profile
See Mickey Leopold’s profile
Charlotte Noll Striped Magazine Team See Charlotte Noll’s profile
See Charlotte Noll’s profile
Lila Graham Striped Magazine Team See Lila Graham’s profile
See Lila Graham’s profile
Kate Douglass Striped Magazine Team See Kate Douglass’s profile
See Kate Douglass’s profile
Penelope Norgaard Striped Magazine Team See Penelope Norgaard’s profile
See Penelope Norgaard’s profile
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