The Future of MHS Info: Will the Show Ever Return?

A shot from 2019 of two students recording a winter special of MHS Info.

Photo Courtesy of @mhsinfo on Instagram

A shot from 2019 of two students recording a winter special of MHS Info.

Griffin McIntyre, A&L Page Director

As we all know, this past year has been a very bumpy ride for everyone. We have had to endure the harsh consequences of the pandemic on our school without many of the fun and interactive activities that made MHS special. One very notable feature that was missing from this year was the beloved MHS Info. Due to COVID-19’s impact and our video teacher, Emily  Dombroff, leaving our school, the tradition has come to a halt. But for how long?

MHS Info has been a classic school news source for years, and there have been many questions from concerned students as to whether it will be returning in the future. After speaking with the school’s video teacher, Elena Elmoznino, it appears that the segment will not be returning in the fall. Nonetheless, there is a lot more to come for video students in the years ahead. 

Initially, after finding out MHS Info would not be aired this year, students were disappointed, considering that many of them had chosen to take it as a class. However, after discovering what will be in store in the years to come, there is hope for a more beneficial program that video students will be able to gain more from. Instead of a newscast, this year students explored longer forms of video such as documentaries, larger whole class productions, and even screenwriting. 

The MHS video department will also work more with LMC Media on projects in the future, and potentially have field trips to the LMC Media studio. While MHS Info once provided a custom for the student body to look forward to, this new program benefits video students much more and pushes them to the fullest of their capabilities. Marion Karp (‘23), a sophomore who planned on participating in MHS Info this year says, “I was definitely upset when I found out it wouldn’t be airing anymore, but over the course of this year we have completed various projects like self-portraits, sound in motion, and documentaries that were lots of fun to create and have taught me a great deal about cinematography. The absence of the MHS Info program is definitely a loss, but I look forward to the new opportunities that will arise in its place.”

With all this being said, there is still a lot up in the air regarding the future; nothing is finalized and much of it depends on what school will look like in the fall. “I wouldn’t say that MHS Info will never return in the future… but it will likely look very different than it has in the past,” said Elmoznino. 

If you are interested in the future of MHS Info and have any potential ideas that you want to share with the video department, make sure to reach out to Elmoznino with your thoughts. MHS Info has left a very positive impact on our school and although it is sad to potentially see it go, the new future of video is certainly something to look forward to.