Food Truck Fridays Make a Return to MHS


Rebecca Herzberg

A long line of students excitedly wait to buy food from the Three Little Pigs BBQ food truck.

Charlie Dirs, Spotlight Page Editor

At Mamaroneck High School, there has been a long-lasting tradition where every Friday through the end of May to the end of the school year, Student Council has organized for multiple food trucks to come offer their goods to the students at Mamaroneck High School. These food trucks were a big hit, providing students the opportunity to explore new foods and expand their palates.

Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, MHS wasn’t able to bring in food trucks at the end of the school last year, and many students missed this MHS tradition. Many freshman students had never even heard of “Food Truck Fridays.” This year, with school slowly returning to normal, the Student Council thought it would be a good idea to reignite this beloved MHS tradition. 

Many MHS students consider the food trucks to be a success. One MHS Student, Alex McMillan(‘23) describes these food trucks as, “A fun addition where he can grab different quality food options that are easily accessible.”  Colin Plunkett (‘23), another MHS student, has consistently gone to every food truck this year and says, “I love the food that these food trucks have to offer and I believe this is a great addition made by the Student Council and the Administration.”

Students are not the only ones who love the reinstallation of Food Truck Fridays, Many faculty members love it, too. The Culinary Arts teacher, Bryan Luff, loves these food trucks as well. He believes that these food trucks provide a perfect cultural experience and restaurant-quality food at the school’s front door. A Biology and Chemistry teacher, Carmen Yonkler, was excited after hearing food trucks were being reinstated. She loves these food trucks and was thrilled when hearing that Student Council was communicating with food trucks to have them come to MHS again.

These experiences and amazing food trucks would have never been possible without the tireless efforts made by the tenth grade Student Council alongside the tenth grade Student Council Advisor, Robert Hohn. Magda Martinez (‘23), a Student Council member, describes the process in reinstating Food Truck Fridays. She says the Student Council brainstormed with Robert Hohn about various events they could add to the MHS community. They decided to bring back Food Truck Fridays. She adds that Student Council had many meetings communicating with various food trucks to get them to come to MHS.  This was completely free because this was great advertising and a great business opportunity for these food trucks.

These Food Truck Fridays are a great final experience for the Class of 2021 and a positive end to their high school career.