White Plains Hospital Opens Vaccine Clinic at MHS


Fatimah Khan

Nurses from the White Plains Hospital welcome and work to organize students entering the vaccine clinic.

Leah Brody, News Page Editor

The COVID-19 vaccine roll-out has been slowly creeping forward in the US, with the current rate of vaccinated adults, as of early June, being around 50 percent. However, accessing the vaccine can prove to be difficult for some. Whether it be transportation, appointment availability, or access to technology, getting the COVID-19 vaccine is not always an easy task. Thankfully for many students, Mamaroneck High School had a successful vaccine pop-up clinic located in the Palmer Gym on May 20th. According to Elizabeth  Clain, approximately 370 students signed up to receive their vaccines at this clinic. 

Juliette Patricot (‘24) recalls a very enjoyable experience of getting her vaccine at the clinic (or as enjoyable as one can have when getting a shot in the arm). When entering the Palmer gym for her first vaccine shot, Patricot was greeted by warm and professional representatives of White Plains Hospital. She was shown to a seat, where a friendly nurse administered the shot. Due to allergies, she had to stay an extra 15 minutes afterward to confirm she did not experience a reaction to the vaccine. Despite that wait time, she described the overall clinic as a “quick, in and out experience” and she only had to miss one class period. Mya Hagar (‘24) had nearly the exact same process, with the slight difference being that she only missed 20 minutes of the class overall.

This pop-up seemed exceptionally accessible compared to other sites, such as Westchester County Center, where wait times were upwards of two hours despite an appointment. It is truly impressive how White Plains Hospital and Mamaroneck High School handled this clinic. 

By encouraging the vaccine, Mamaroneck High School has enabled students to have more options for their summer plans and beneficially changed what the next school year will look like. Doing their part to keep everyone safe should help prepare MHS for an amazing next school year. Anyone who attended this vaccine pop-up clinic received their second shot on June 10th, when the pop-up clinic returned to Mamaroneck High School.