Students Receive Discounts at These Locations with an MHS ID

How the MHS student ID card can help students to save money when shopping at local businesses.


Natalia Kam

Students can receive a 10% discount at Village Sqaure Bagels located down the street on Boston Post Road.

Kim Wei, Art/Photography Director

The open campus of Mamaroneck High School is a freedom valued by the student body, especially during lunch. Eating lunch is the time to slow down, laugh, and tell stories while eating good food. Making independent decisions, such as selecting food from a menu allows you and your friends to enjoy a new experience together. Although eating with friends is a great way to relieve stress and to catch up on each other’s lives. Eating at local establishments with friends is a fun practice, it can also become very costly. Some local businesses offer student discounts to high school students showing ID, which can save students plenty of money when eating off-campus. Buying lunch from small businesses is also convenient given that the COVID-19 restrictions at MHS restrict students from eating indoors. Kids have the opportunity to get fresh air and quality food while staying safe.

Village Square Bagels is a quick walk away from Mamaroneck High School and serves fresh-baked bagels with homemade cream cheese. The breakfast burrito is a go-to comfort food along with their fresh fruit cup and greek yogurt parfait. The gourmet sandwiches and paninis served during lunch are diverse and flavorful, containing unique ingredients such as their Signature Sandwich with hand-sliced Nova Scotia salmon, homemade cream cheese, cucumbers, onions, capers, and olives. Village Square Bagels also offers salads and soups that go perfectly with the rest of the menu. On Tuesdays, Mamaroneck High School students get a 10% discount with a student ID present. Village Square Bagels has something for everyone and is a reliable food joint that maintains quality meals. 

Mixed Enerjy, located in Larchmont on Boston Post Road, offers trendy food that instantly catches your eye. Mamaroneck High School students are eligible for 10% off when they present their student ID. This is the place to be after acing a test, winning a sports match, or anything that deserves a celebration Mixed Enerjy’s Milkshake Specialities and Supreme Milkshakes, such as the Cookie Monster Milkshake, taste as good as they look. When in need of a “pick me up”, Mixed Enerjy has grilled cheese and waffles. For a healthier option, they also serve protein shakes containing fresh fruit that, flavor-wise, competes with their amazing milkshakes. Through the window of the shop, many unique treats (like the exclusive rainbow bagel) are displayed, unlocking your inner child. No matter the day, the service goes above and beyond with efficient, friendly, and upbeat staff.

Green Life on Mamaroneck Avenue has been voted “Best of Westchester” by Westchester Magazine for being the best health food cafe and having the best fresh juice. Green Life has a customizable salad or wrap that has a wide range of toppings and dressings. In addition, there is a customizable cauliflower crust pizza that is perfect for sharing with friends. Green Life’s breakfast menu is served all day which includes a customizable omelet, breakfast burrito, and avocado toast. Green Life serves acai bowls, such as the dragon bowl, that provide a new flavor to any fruit lover’s palette. Green Life also offers vegetarian options such as the veggie burger. This is an amazing place to get quality food with healthy ingredients. Mamaroneck students are eligible for 10% off at Green Life with a student ID present at check-out.