School Spirit Builds for the 2021-22 School Year

After a year of school events adapting, many traditional events are making their way back to MHS.


Photo Courtesy of Fatimah Khan

The MHS Varsity Cheer Team performs at the pep rally, helping to elevate that school spirit.

Ella Shapiro, Spotlight Page Director

As Mamaroneck High School starts the 2021-22 school year in-person, students are excited to show off MHS school spirit.“I think school spirit is essential,” exclaims Carol Scheffler, the Coordinator of Student Affairs.“You are there for academics but there is so much else that the high school experience encompasses.” Last year, the MHS Student Council, under the direction of Scheffler, was incredibly creative with fun and safe ways to show proud orange and black spirit in a hybrid world. One example was the teacher-student trivia competition, where the teachers created teams to compete against each other in an intense trivia tournament while students watched and cheered them on virtually. This was very popular among both students and faculty. Moving into the fall, Scheffler says to “keep your eyes open for more teacher-student competitions” this year.

Naturally, everyone is  looking forward to more in-person activities this year. Magda Martinez (‘23), the Junior class president of Student Council, says, “We want school spirit in a safe and manageable way.” In the years before COVID-19, there have been multiple events to bring out the school spirit, including Battle of the Classes, Pep Rally, and Club Fair. One popular event, which was new as of last year, but that the Student Council hopes to continue, is Field Day for the senior class at the end of the year. As Martinez  says, “everyone thought [the field day] was an amazing thing to do and we are definitely going to continue to do it.”

As the guidelines the school has to follow in regards to COVID-19 continue to change, Student Council currently has intentions of moving forward with Battle of the Classes, Pep Rally, and other events. The current plan for Pep Rally is to hold it outside on the football field. Outdoor events have been happening and they hope to continue that in a safe manner. As for Battle of the Classes, as it is normally held indoors, the Student Council has to get creative with how they can make it happen safely this year. “Battle of the Classes will happen in some shape or form this year”, says Scheffler.

 The Student Council is planning on keeping old traditions as well as creating new ones. They are always open to new ideas, so please feel free to reach out to Scheffler or anyone on the Student Council with input. School spirit is so important and Scheffler is working hard with the Student Council to create fun and exciting events for the 2021-22 school year!