Boys Varsity Soccer Team Advances to the State Semifinals: The Road to Their Success

The team’s November 6 regional game win marked a first in program history.


Photo Courtesy of @mhstigerssoccer on Instagram

The Boys Varsity Soccer Team after winning the second round of Regionals 4-0 against Corning Painted Post High School.

Juliet Zucker, A&L Page Director

Last year, the Tigers were on track to win the state championship, but due to COVID-19, the regionals were canceled, leaving them to settle for a section title. However, this year’s Boys Varsity Soccer program has just made history, as they compete in the final four of the state championship. 

Entering the section semifinals on October 27, the Tigers had one of their biggest wins of the season against John Jay High School, in East Fishkill. Down 1-0 with 28 seconds left in the second half, Stephen Moore (‘22) made the tying goal that kept them in the game, with an assist from Wilman Miranda (‘22). In the 93rd minute** in overtime, Alejandro Londono (‘22)  made the penalty kick to seal their win, advancing Mamaroneck to the section final against Scarsdale. Goalkeeper Vincent Repoulis (‘22), who finished the game with 14 saves, stated that “helping the team” in this game was one of his biggest accomplishments of the whole season. While each team member has their own achievements, Repoulis remarks that they all “go big or go home” and that “nothing is set to one individual.” 

Three days after their win, the boys were faced with longtime rival and number two seed, Scarsdale, at Lakeland High School. After a corner kick from Milton Mancias-Magana (‘22), and an attempted shot from Miranda that bounced away from the keeper, Alix Masse (‘22) made contact and scored the one and only goal of the night. This 1-0 milestone win gave them the Section 1 Class AA title, earning Coach Rich Becker and his team a well deserved plaque to add to his repertoire after 22 years. Winning the section was “something [they] have [never] done before” and Mancias-Magana notes that it was very special to “[give] the school it’s first plaque.” 

After speaking to a few of the players, it is clear this year’s team is truly exceptional and different from any other team, not only because of the titles they have won thus far. Last year’s team consisted of 17 seniors, so the majority of the team is new. While others might see this as a potential setback, Mancias-Magana notes that it comes with “new personalities” and “new play[ing] styles.” On and off the field, they have all managed to “connect and have good chemistry.” Moore added that a big part of their team dynamic is the dinners they have before every game, along with “watch[ing] film [of the previous game] and hang[ing] out.” He also noted that some of the players have superstitions that they do together or individually, which clearly “so far [has] been working.” Overall, having such a close bond as a team has been a “big part of our game” and has made “life on the field a lot easier” playing “as one.”

While Mamaroneck went into the sectionals as the number five seed, they now stand as the number one seed going into regionals. In the first regional game, the Tigers continued their streak to beat Warwick (Section 9) at Hendrick Hudson High School on November 3. With a 3-0 win, the Tigers entered the second round of regionals on November 6th at Byram Hills.

Facing a head to head matchup against Corning Painted Post (Section 4), Mamaroneck secured their spot in the state semifinal game and a regional championship title. After 58 minutes, Mancias-Magana broke the ice by scoring the first goal of the game. Philip Koutsaftis (‘22) followed three minutes later with a goal of his own, as well as ending the game with two assists.

The Tigers ended with a score of 4-0 and will head to Middletown High School to play against Hilton (Section 5), this Saturday, November 13, at 11:15 am. If the Tigers win, they will advance to the last and final game of the tournament, on Sunday, where they hope to bring home the state champion title. Until then, Mamaroneck has had a historic and groundbreaking season – one that they should be, and are in fact, very proud of. The Mamaroneck community and school is wishing them good luck heading into the weekend.

**In Varsity Soccer games, the playing time is split into two 40 minute halves. If the score is still tied at the end of this period, the game enters a 15 minute sudden death overtime.