Euphoria Season 2 Makes Its Mark

MHS students share their excitement over the return of popular teen-drama Euphoria.


Photo Courtesy of @Euphoria on Instagram

Jules and Rue, Euphoria’s main characters, hanging out together in bed.

Ellie Gurreiro, A&L Page Editor

The glitter, glamor, and gossip are back this year as HBO Max’s popular drama series Euphoria hits screens with a second season.
The show follows a group of high school students as they make their way through the challenges that surround adolescence. Euphoria also deals with a variety of significant issues, making it a show that appeals to a large audience of all ages and backgrounds. The show was met with great approval from its viewers when it debuted in the summer of 2019, and it was quickly renewed for a second season. However, filming and production were halted in 2020 due to COVID-19, making fans itch for a second season after two years.
“Jaw-dropping, eventful, and chaotic-but in a good way,” says Zach Gottesman (‘24) when asked how he would describe the beloved show. Gottesman goes on to explain that Euphoria is able to stand out from other teen dramas due to its well-executed portrayal of themes.” While some of the events in Euphoria may be exaggerated, many of the themes are correct. Not many other teen dramas have successfully done this.” Just as Gottesman remarks, some viewers were quick to point out Euphoria’s lack of realism in its first season and questioned whether the characters’ experiences are accurate regarding their age. One of the biggest inaccuracies noted by fans was an exaggeration of the parties and social events that the characters were attending. Viewers argued that their high school get-togethers were much tamer compared to the wild and thrilling parties of Euphoria. Fans also pointed out how the portrayals of drugs and alcohol throughout the show weren’t very accurate in relation to the characters’ ages, with viewers explaining that the frequency and quantity of which the characters were partaking in these activities simply weren’t realistic.
However, viewers can seem to agree that Euphoria’s ability to represent such raw and honest topics in such an intricate manner is what sets it apart from other shows. Various topics such as identity, trauma, friendship, and drug abuse have been explored throughout the show. With a lack of representation of many of these topics in the sector of teen dramas, many described Euphoria as a breath of fresh air. Euphoria’s ability to expose its viewers to such a true and accurate portrayal of these real-world issues while also adding a certain flair to it hasn’t gone unrecognized.
Ava Samson (‘22) says, “Euphoria has a certain vibe that many people appreciate, and I think that is what made it especially popular.” From the soundtrack to the wardrobe to the makeup, Samson explains that every detail is accounted for. “I think it adds a lot of depth to the show, and it is an interesting take on self-expression in teenagers.” Just like Samson, fans have taken note of the uniqueness of Euphoria, especially when it comes to makeup and wardrobe, and look forward to seeing what new outfits and makeup looks characters will be sporting in Season 2. The makeup and clothing that characters in Euphoria wear are known for being a reflection of their characters, as well as their storyline, so fans are excited to see how character development in Season 2 will reflect on the looks of the season as well.
In regard to Season 2, Gottesman shares that he, like many fans, is looking forward to seeing characters Rue and Jules further develop their relationship. The fate of their relationship has been debated vigorously by fans after Season 1 left viewers with a scene of Jules getting on a train to the city and leaving Rue behind.
When it comes to Season 2, Samson reveals that she is most excited to see “certain characters grow and how the writers resolve what happened in Season 1.” Samson explains that Season 1 left viewers on a pretty big cliffhanger, and the fact that audiences have to wait such a long time to get a second season makes it much more exciting. Samson also shares that she’s intrigued to see how the characters Lexi and Fezco develop as characters this season because “[they] both play such integral parts of the story but didn’t have as much screen time in Season 1.” Like Samson, many viewers are excited to see certain characters get more screen time this season. “It took two years to get the second season out, so I think everyone is ready to see what happens,” she remarks.
All in all, audiences’ hopes are high for Season Two of Euphoria; whether it’s seeing fan favorites back on their screen or the glitter and glamor of the show, viewers are ready more than ever for this season.