A Deep Dive Into MHS’s Local Restaurants and Cafes

With limited indoor lunch spaces, more students are turning to nearby eateries.


Photo Courtesy of the Durando Herald

MHS students walk to Village Pizza and Pasta, a classic choice for lunch.

Bella Pianco and Florence Haines

In this year more than ever, many Mamaroneck High School students choose to go off-campus during lunch and free periods to see friends and eat. With the changed COVID-19 regulations for the 2021-22 school year regarding fully in-person school days, MHS students have a large selection of nearby restaurants with foods that fit a wide variety of interests. From an over 100-year-old hot dog shop to a brand-new deli serving smoothies and sandwiches, there is something for everyone!
For the past 25 years, Mario Lourenco has run Village Pizza and Pasta. Referred to as “Village” by students, the Mamaroneck local business staple serves delicious pizza, pasta, and deli treats. Throughout these 25 years, Lourenco has been able to watch a generation of kids grow up right before his eyes. “I get to see high school kids from 20 years ago coming back with their kids, or they come to visit me, or order pizza from me, or just seeing them around. Being able to see these kids that used to come during their lunch break and get food from me, once your age, who are now adults, I get to see them grow up, and that’s special.” Now, Lourenco gets to see his own kids coming through his doors during lunch with their friends. “I have a senior and a freshman in high school, and a son at Hommocks.” Lourenco consistently does his best to reciprocate the support shown to him from the school. “I do a lot for the school, I donate a lot whenever I can. Whatever they ask me to do, I voluntarily have no problem doing. I like going to graduations and I go to almost every home game.” Village is a lunchtime staple with many delicious dishes, but Lourenco would recommend the pasta with chicken, chicken rolls, buffalo chicken slices, and pepperoni rolls.
Between the Bun Deli is a newer addition to the community. This welcoming deli has more options than anyone could possibly imagine! Their stock is extremely diverse, from fluffy pancakes to lasagna to bubblegum! Their sandwich bar has many delicious choices of chicken, turkey, roast beef, and cold cuts, with a build-your-own salad bar to accompany it. Not only that, but they have a wall of drinks fit for royalty, any ice-cold drink you could possibly fathom is right there for your taking. A must try is the delicious, fresh smoothies. Despite the past businesses in the deli’s current location not lasting for extended amounts of time, Between the Bun Deli is certainly here to stay
Another “rising star” in MHS popularity is the small café, Cafeto, located next to Trader Joes. Having opened in January 2019, COVID-19 did impact their business, particularly with MHS having hybrid learning for the majority of the 2020-2021 school year, in which all students had to be home for lunch. Despite this, Cafeto’s owner Valentina SotoPinto has loved spending the past couple of years in the Larchmont community. “By far the best thing I can say about Cafeto is the relationship we have established with our customers. Even with MHS students… We’ve seen them come and go! It’s always bittersweet when one of our regular students leaves for college.” Some small businesses struggle to make real connections with the community, but this hasn’t been an issue for Cafeto. If you’re interested in going to this café for the first time, Valentina recommends the latte as a simple staple, but their seasonal items, particularly their snickerdoodle latte, have been a recent hit. The food is always made in house, down to the bread they use for their sandwiches, ensuring that everything is able to taste brilliant. Valentina hints, “we’re working on a raspberry mocha for Valentine’s Day.”
Last but not least, Mamaroneck students are fortunate enough to have a world famous, 103-year-old hot dog stand right in our backyard! A mere walk down the hill near the Palmer entrance, Walter’s has been family-owned for four generations! In warmer weather, students are always seen there during lunch, sampling a delicious hot dog, memorable curly fries, or one of their 15+ milkshake flavors. Not to mention, Walter’s has won numerous awards, including being in the New York Times’ list of “best hot dogs in America!” Recognized not only for its scrumptious food, but also its unique architectural structure, Walter’s is a classic spot for a summer milkshake after school, or a juicy hot dog during lunch!
There are many unique food options for MHS students within a quick walking distance from the school. These locations are perfect for a free period, after school, or lunch! For anyone who hasn’t yet been to these local staples, they are all an immediate must-try!