Senior Internships: Your Questions Answered

The senior internship program returns after two years of cancellation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. What can current seniors expect?

A helpful guide explaining students’ options for internships.

Photo Courtesy of MHS Senior Internship Website

A helpful guide explaining students’ options for internships.

Taylor Ferrarone, Features Page Director

The senior internship program was a staple at MHS for several years before it was derailed and eventually canceled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The program remained in suspension throughout 2021, but 2022 marks the return of the hallmark program.
Many seniors have questions about the internship process, and luckily, the Globe has answers.

When will the program start? How does the schedule work?
On March 2nd, an assembly will reveal the official dates for the program. The experience will take six weeks, beginning on the first week of APs, and following for six weeks. To go out on senior internships, there is no GPA requirement, but you do have to be passing all of your classes by the end of the third quarter. For students taking AP classes, you will be excused from your internship on the day of your AP exam. For students who have sports and other obligations, it is recommended to work out a schedule with your contact or find an internship that permits a flexible schedule.

What qualifies as an internship? How is it different from a job?
Internships resemble jobs in that they provide a non-scholastic way to gain experience. Internships allow students to develop professional skills, such as communication, appropriate attire, and workplace etiquette (situation-depending). They can also provide students with an opportunity to test out potential majors or careers in a non-binding setting.
The main difference between an internship and a full position with an organization is that internships are unpaid; however, about a quarter of internships do transition into summer jobs, says Senior Internship Coordinator Amy Rothman.

Who offers internships?
The program offers nearly all of the same options as it did in 2019. “The majority of the businesses who signed up in the past have signed up again this year,” said Rothman. The significant change is that there are no internships available at hospitals or doctors offices, as there were pre-2020. The facilities still do not want any risk of outside contamination, a policy that was put in place in March 2020.

How can I find an internship?
There are three main methods by which students can find and apply for internships. The first is via the MHS Internship App, which consolidates the businesses who are partnered with the program. it will go live after the assembly. The second method is via pre-existing connections, whether those be through family, friends, co-workers, etc. The third option is through the Senior Internship Office, where students can meet with Senior Internship Coordinator Amy Rothman to discuss potential internship opportunities.
The possibilities are endless, and can be expanded with a bit of effort. The internship app categorizes various positions, including those with local government, all four elementary schools, law firms, beach clubs, stores and businesses, local garages, and environmental centers. The Senior Internship Office is also willing to vouch for students hoping to gain entry into a specific program or position.
After choosing an internship, students will have to to their place of work to discuss the details. For those who need help writing an email or cover letter, updating their resumes, or aid in selecting an internship, contact Amy Rothman ([email protected]), Evan Madin ([email protected]), or go to the Senior Internship Office (located on Palmer first floor, straight down the hall from the Palmer entrance).