MHS Senior Competes In ISEF



Goswami displays her impressive work at ISEF.

Olivia O'Shea and Emma Post

The International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) is an annual event where more than 1,500 students from over 70 countries are invited to share their science projects to a panel of judges, who ultimately decide the winner who will take home the grand prize of $5,000. In order to showcase a project at this event, Original Science Research (OSR) student Tista Goswami (‘22) had to first be named one of the top 20 presenters at the Westchester Science and Engineering Fair (WESEF). From there, she would be able to participate at the international level. 

The project that elicited Goswami to partake in the international competition is titled “SMART-Screen: A Point-of-Care COVID-19 Active Replication Detection System”. This project entailed the development of a portable version of extant laboratory-based COVID-19 diagnostic tests. This existing type of test differs from your average PCR test because it is able to distinguish and recognize the contagious stage of carriers of the virus. Goswami utilized her research to make adjustments to this test which allows it to be administered in onsite locations, such as schools with commensurate results. Goswami hopes that this project will provide greater information regarding an individual’s COVID-19 diagnosis, and ultimately allow for more accurate quarantine guidelines and better-suited treatments.Goswami explains that “in general, this test can help to mitigate future outbreaks of COVID-19 by identifying people that are actively spreading the virus”. 

ISEF has several subcategories and categories to compete in. Goswami competed in the Translational Medical Sciences category. While competing, she explains how she was able to form connections with many people sharing similar interests to her. In addition to this, she was given the opportunity to extensively learn about her fellow participant’s “groundbreaking” research. Goswami speaks very highly of her experience at ISEF and describes the time she spent there as “one of the best weeks of my life!”

Goswami plans to continue her scientific career after her graduation from highschool. This upcoming fall, she will be attending Binghamton University to study cellular and molecular biology on the pre-med track. Furthermore, she plans to continue her research in the general field of medical sciences. 

After four hard-working years of highschool, Goswami leaves Mamaroneck High School with some words of advice for underclassmen. She states, “don’t be afraid to branch out and try something that you’re unsure about. I know things may seem daunting at first, but some of my most rewarding experiences in high school started from uncertainty and pushing myself out of my comfort zone.”