New Principal Carolini-Cannavò’s Vision for MHS



Lina M. Carolini-Cannavò has exciting plans for the future of MHS.

Ciara Doogue, Spotlight Page Director

As we all say an emotional farewell to principal Elizabeth Clain, we welcome our new principal, Linda M. Carolini Cannavò. After 26 years with the Mamaroneck School district, Clain certainly left great shoes to fill. Fortunately, Cannavò has proven to be a dynamic and effective leader at Mamaroneck High School and is ready to take on this role. As she begins this journey, she spoke with The Globe about her vision for MHS going forward. 

Coming into the new school year, Cannavò hopes to “ continue the strong work and connections we have established here at MHS from a fresh perspective.” Cannavò is looking forward to making further connections with students, faculty, and even families. She has emphasized that she will have a collaborative approach going forward,  which includes: “ hearing from all perspectives and making team decisions”. In order to most effectively unite MHS, people’s voices must be heard, and Cannavò assures this. Following the pandemic, being the principal is and will continue to be an especially challenging role. With the help of the entire faculty, MHS was able to endure the pandemic and still manage to have in person school over the past couple years. Cannavò says she is “ extremely impressed watching our teachers and students come together to make this happen”. However, she believes “ building morale for students and teachers and bringing spirit back to MHS” is a top goal she has for MHS. In addition to fostering great school spirit, Cannavò will be driving toward academic excellence by “addressing the basic needs of students concerning where they are emotionally as well as academically”. Cannavò will be working to create a safe, comforting, and happy community within MHS. She says “ before we can succeed and engage, students’ needs have to be met first, and that is my main priority.” 

Looking into the future, Cannavò hopes for MHS to “live up to its great reputation and continue to be a community that fosters learning, belonging, and happiness.” Although she is about to begin her journey as principal, at the end of her tenure she hopes to leave a positive and impactful legacy on our school community. Cannavòs goal is to be remembered as somebody who cares for students and brings people together. Cannavò is passionate and we can count on her to continue to make MHS a better environment.