‘Adopt a Family’ Through FSW

A new way to give back during this holiday season.

Workers at Target in Port Chester fulfil a family’s wishlists.

Photo Courtesy of FSW.org

Workers at Target in Port Chester fulfil a family’s wishlists.

Tessa Goldsmith, Spotlight Assistant Director

The Family Services of Westchester (FSW) is a private, nonprofit, non-sectarian social services agency with over 50 innovative programs that help support families, children, and other individuals at any stage. These programs range from mental health clinics to adoption services to veteran programs. They reach the lives of more than 30,000 individuals annually. They have events and fundraisers throughout the year, but the one coming up is huge and extremely beneficial. With the cold winter coming up, some families are not able to purchase needed clothing for the season. Keeping in mind that these families have kids who constantly grow out of old clothing. 

The Family Services of Westchester holds an annual event for selected families during the holiday season, “adopting” a family. Mental health clinicians, social workers, teachers, and staff nominate families to partake in this event. The nominated families are in need of winter clothing and can not afford it. Families who are looking to make donations around the holiday time are able to sign up to be matched with an anonymous family. That family along with FSW staff create a list of the necessities for that family. The volunteers can “team up” with other friends or families in order to get everything on the list. Background information is also provided with the list of items so that the volunteer families can get them other gifts for the holidays. Once everything is bought, FSW staff will deliver everything to the designated family. This is an amazing way to help those in need around the holidays.

Along with The Family Services of Westchester, there are many other organizations to get involved in as the holiday season arrives. Feeding Westchester is an incredible organization that touches thousands of lives. Donating food as well as volunteering at their facilities greatly aid in the food instability that can be seen throughout parts of Westchester. Feeding Westchester helps with this major issue through their mobile pantry bringing meals around to those in need as well as fundraisers led by volunteers. It is incredibly easy to get involved in this organization. There are at-home volunteer options such as creating a meal bag; there are specific instructions to help lead the way in the process. Donating food and money is always an option as well. Volunteering for shifts at different events is an amazing way to get involved in the Feeding Westchester organization.

The December holidays are a joyous time for many, but they can also be extremely rough for those not as lucky. The Family Services of Westchester and Feeding Westchester are just two of many outstanding organizations in our county you can get involved in.