MHS ClubHub Replaces Club Fair


Taylor Ferrarone, Features Assistant Page Editor

In previous years, Club Fair has been a staple of the new school year. Taking advantage of the last of the summer weather to host the event outside, dozens of tables and hundreds of students would crowd the track, people flowing up and down and stopping at any table that caught their eye (although, it was debatable whether it was the club or the baked goods they were offering that were the real attention grabbers). “Club fair really helped kick off the new year,” explains Kira Walter (‘22). “It was a fun, interactive way to find out about in-school involvement and a great opportunity for freshmen to discover more about Mamaroneck.”

Of course, things are a bit different this year. Unlike the open air Club Fairs of years past, 2020 Club Fair is a virtual event. Students can access MHS ClubHub to learn about the different clubs, as opposed to walking around the track. Clubs are divided into categories: Entertainment, Athletic, Service, Academic, and Publications; from there, students can watch a video with a short club description. Many videos feature the club’s president talking about their focus and member expectations, and many also contain comments from members about their favorite club aspects. 

Students are able to use MHS ClubHub to discover and sign up for different clubs.  Ms. Scheffler, the Coordinator of Student Affairs here at MHS, says there are “at least 60 clubs for students to join.” Be sure to look out for brand new clubs like Video Club, where students use their phones to create short videos and share them with club members, Masks for Mankind where students learn to sew masks to be distributed on Midnight Runs, and the newly rebranded Multicultural Student Union (formerly the Multicultural Club). Club meetings started October 23, the Friday after the launch of the app, and most will continue to take place on Focus Fridays moving forward. While we wish we could see each other on the track, we can have faith that clubs at MHS are as strong as ever. Be sure to check out the digital club fair at, or check out the 2020 Club Brochure at (also available on the MHS website).