Solve the MHS Holiday Crossword Puzzle

As you relax this holiday break, enjoy our MHS-themed holiday crossword. Can you solve them all?


Taylor Ferrarone, Features Page Editor

2. 1D and 8A are parts of
MHS holiday ______
3. Makes use of coal and
5. Something to warm you up
7. Share the holidays with
____ and 7D
8. MHS holiday tradition of
creating paper chains
9. You might give one, you
might get one
10. The festival of _____
12. Vehicle on snow
15. Holiday foliage
17. This day of celebration
might mean more this year
18. Less fun when you lose
20. It’s fun to catch them in
the air

1. A sweet MHS tradition
2. Sugar decorates them
4. Potato pancake
6. “Home for the _______”
7. See 7A
11. Deck these with 15A
13. The only marathon we’ll
be running
14. Holiday songs
15. It might be fleece lined
16. “___ it go”
19. Might be on your shelf