Underground Vinyl Larchmont: What You Need to Know

A new record shop has been opened in Larchmont, offering a diverse assortment of vinyl to residents of all ages.


Photo Courtesy of Underground Vinyl

An inside view of “Underground Vinyl” featuring their diverse collection of records.

Griffin McIntyre, A&L Page Director

As vintage trends continue to grow in popularity with today’s youth, vinyl has quickly risen from its ashes in the 1980s and has established itself as one of the most popular forms of music today. Vinyl offers music-heads a more authentic way of enjoying music by providing listeners with a physical copy of an album containing one or two discs that can be played on a turntable. Along with being fun to keep and collect, the sound quality of vinyl is truly unmatched.
Fortunately for local community members, a new vinyl shop by the name “Underground Vinyl” has recently opened right in Larchmont. The store offers selections from big names in the music industry now to classic rock artists from decades ago that parents will know and love. The idea of listening to music on records may seem foreign to many teenagers, even though vinyl has become increasingly popular through the years. It can be difficult to get exposed to the world of vinyl when there are so many alternative streaming options, such as Apple Music and Spotify. Although these services are much more practical, listening to music on vinyl prompts you to sit and listen to an entire album at a time, as it can often be a hassle to skip through to the song you would like to hear. The experience of listening to an album all the way through helps to provoke a more thoughtful and genuine reaction to the music being heard.
“Underground Vinyl” is hoping to introduce new listeners to the extraordinary world of vinyl, as well as provide a place for longtime vinyl listeners not only to add to their collection, but also to interact with others who share the same passion as they do for music. Patty Weston, one of the founding members of the shop, responds to the question of why it is important to have a vinyl shop within our community: “Vinyl is a superior way to listen to music and is making a comeback, and the store is a great place for people who appreciate music to gather.”
When students were asked to share their thoughts on the idea of having a record shop in our town, the feedback was overall positive. When asked if she had any interest in visiting “Underground Vinyl,” Victoria Marquardt (‘23) stated she has “visited Underground Vinyl one time,” and “plan[s] to return often.” She has been collecting vinyl records for over a year now. “To have a vinyl store in our community is truly something special,” Marquardt notes. It has been made clear already that having access to a vinyl store locally is a significant addition to our town that will allow many people to indulge in their passion. While many people already know and enjoy using vinyl, there is a large majority that has not yet been exposed. Marion Karp (‘23), stated in response to being asked about “Underground Vinyl,” “ I have very little experience using vinyl, but I would definitely be open to trying it out and seeing if it sparks my interest.”
As of now, there is an extremely limited number of vinyl stores in Westchester. In response to asking why that is, Weston states, “Like so much of retail, it is a difficult business to profit in. For us, it is a passion project, and we have decided to donate profits to charity.” The owners of “Underground Vinyl” are incredibly dedicated and, even further, have made the extremely noble decision to send 100% of their profits to Americares, a charity that improves health for people affected by poverty or disaster. If you are looking to explore a newfound passion for vinyl, or are continuing to pursue an existing one, you have now been granted an authentic and charitable place to do so!

Website: https://www.underground-vinyl.com/

Email: [email protected]

Address: 9 Railroad Way, Ground Floor Larchmont, NY 10538
Larchmont, NY 10538