New Chipotle to Open in Mamaroneck

Sam Rosuck

For the longest time, students of Mamaroneck High School were forced to drive twenty minutes in order to get their favorite fast food destination: Chipotle. Now, students will no longer have to face this issue as a new Chipotle is set to open across the street from the Mamaroneck Avenue School early this October. 

Chipotle’s real estate manager, Cathy Mcvane, states that Mamaroneck was a great place to open a new store because of its “residential and daytime population, great retail and complimentary restaurant options” and for this reason Mamaroneck was a “targeted trade area for some time.”  Mamaroneck student Eleanor Hollander (‘23) is enthusiastic about the restaurant and plans to be a regular customer upon opening because she says “it is a place where most of my friends and I can all find food that we like and are happy with, as well as the fact that it is quick and easy to get food.” Although it is a little far from the high school, Olivia O’Neil (‘22) who will be able to drive alone soon suggests that she would consider “driving there after school every once in a while.”  Despite the distance from MHS, both Hollander and O’Neil state that they would be willing to walk to and from Chipotle during their lunch period.

On the other hand, there are a few downsides to this location like the smaller sized parking lot that is shared with the neighboring stores Duck Donuts, Orange Theory, and the new supermarket North Shore Farms. This may cause massive amounts of traffic in that area, because of the guaranteed after school rush from the high school students as well as the crowd of parents picking up their kids from school just across the street at MAS.

Although there are a few minor concerns, this new Chipotle will most certainly turn out to be a great success because of the excitement and positive attitude from the Larchmont and Mamaroneck residents.