Farewell to 2019-2020 Globe Senior Staff Members


Photo Courtesy of US News

Students celebrate the end of their four years spent in high school and the beginning of their lives going forward.

The Globe Staff

Audrey Williamson:

Audrey Williamson has been a member of the Globe staff since her sophomore year. In her time on staff, she has served as Assistant Arts and Leisure Editor, Assistant Social Media Manager, and the Arts and Leisure Page Manager. Her favorite part about being on the Globe staff was reading over and editing her section’s pieces, which she said was “very therapeutic.” Audrey’s advice to future staff members is to write as many articles as possible, and to not feel a need to conform to their section. Audrey will be attending Drexel University this fall where she will be majoring in fashion merchandising and design.


Thalia Ierodiaconou:

Thalia Ierodiaconou has been a part of the Globe staff for three years and has held the positions of Assistant News Editor, Health and Wellness Page  Director and Managing Editor. Her favorite part of being on staff was attending the annual trip to Columbia University. She will also miss the Editorial meetings which she explains were “really interesting” and allowed for staff members to “discuss a wide variety of topics and hear different perspectives.” She is grateful to have learned how to work on a team and to have enhanced her problem solving skills while on the Globe staff. Ierodiaconou will be attending Cornell University in the fall, where she plans to major in either government or economics. She is excited to explore new things in college and encourages all future staff members to write articles about topics that truly interest them.


Scott Morris:

Scott Morris has been a member of the Globe staff since his sophomore year when he joined as an Assistant Sports Editor. As his time on the Globe passed, Morris took increased responsibility as the Op-Ed Page Director his junior year, and as one of the Managing Editors his senior year. When asked about his favorite memory throughout his time on staff , Morris shared that his favorite experience was the annual staff trip to Columbia University, where he was able to take journalism classes and hang out with other staff members. In the fall, Morris will be attending Tufts University in Massachusetts. While he is undecided on his major, he plans to continue writing for the school paper and also pursue his involvement in the performing arts.


Ryan Rosenblatt:

Ryan Rosenblatt began his career writing for the Globe as a senior. He was a Sports Assistant Page Editor and wrote mainly for the Sports section. When asked what was his favorite part about being on the Globe, he shared that it was the ability to connect real world issues to the school and the surrounding community. If he had to give one piece of advice to a new Globe staff member, it would be to stay ambitious and to think outside the box. In addition, he said, “There is always so much happening around us, so be creative!” Next fall, Rosenblatt will be attending Colgate University.


Josh Abraham:

Josh Abraham began writing for the Globe his junior year and joined the staff his senior year as the Features Page Editor. His favorite part about being on staff was planning out each issue with other members of his section and collaborating on new ideas. Abraham’s advice to future staff is to “work with everyone in your section to make sure that you are all on the same page. Also, stay up to date on deadlines so that you don’t need to write an article last minute!” In the fall, Abraham will be attending the University of Michigan where he will be majoring in business management and economics.


Gaby Dobkin:

Gaby Dobkin has served on the Globe since the end of her freshman year at Mamaroneck High School. In her senior year, she served as Co-Editorial Director. Dobkin’s favorite part about being on staff was “attending the Editorial meetings,” which is eventually what persuaded her to apply for Editorial Director. Dobkin’s one piece of advice to future staff members is to “write down all sorts of article ideas throughout the month, so when it’s time to start planning for the next issue you have a lot of potential articles.” This fall, Dobkin will be attending the University of Pennsylvania where she is planning to major in chemical and biomolecular engineering.


Cristina Costin:

Cristina Costin has been a member of The Globe since her sophomore year. In her first year, she held the position of Assistant News Editor and this past year she was one of the News Page Directors. Costin’s favorite part about being on staff was the Editorial meetings because the discussions were interesting and she loved being a part of them. She recommends to all current and incoming Globe staff members that they always write about something they are interested in. In the fall, Costin will attend the University of Michigan where she will be studying data science.


Emma Sullivan:

Emma Sullivan joined the Globe her junior year. She began as an Assistant Sports Page Editor, and this past year she moved up to Sports Page Director. Sullivan’s favorite aspect of her role on staff was the ability to tell the student body about all the different and amazing things students did throughout the year. Her advice to future staff members is to stay in contact as much as possible with everyone and just have fun with the process. She believes that “your personality can really shine through what you write, and as long as you’re able to have fun with the story you’re writing, then the readers will definitely be able to tell from what you’ve said.” Next fall, Sullivan is off to Northeastern University, where she’ll be dual majoring in journalism and English.


Nataly Winter:

Nataly Winter has been attending Globe meetings since her Freshman year at MHS and finally decided to join the team her Junior year. She worked as Assistant Page Editor for Arts and Leisure, and also managed photos and artwork. Winter always stayed late debating topics for articles and coming up with new ideas. Her favorite part about the Globe is the ability for anyone to add in any new ideas that they’d like to see. Winter’s advice for any new Globe member is to go to all the meetings, and she feels that staying on top of everything is crucial when work starts to pile up. In the fall, Winter will be attending Boston University where she plans to major in biomedical sciences as well as minor in marketing.


Anna Broaddus:

Anna Broaddus has been writing for the Globe since her junior year; this past year, she served as Assistant Sports Editor. One thing Broaddus loved about the Globe was the ability to work with others as the paper came together. When asked what advice she would give to future staff members, she encouraged them to get involved as early as possible. In the fall, Broaddus will be attending Wake Forest University where she plans on studying psychology and business.