Seniors to Pursue Performing Arts Come Fall

Kate Solomon, Editorial Managing Editor

The performing arts have always been a major aspect in the Mamaroneck High School culture. This year, many incredibly talented Seniors will be pursuing their dreams in many different performing arts at college. Katy Reilly (‘20), Eli Gottsegen (‘20) and Katie Broderick (‘20) are just three of several fantastic graduating Seniors who will be continuing their love for the arts in college.

Throughout high school, Katy Reilly has been a part of many performing arts electives in the school such as PACE and the annual school musicals. Bringing her incredible voice with her, Reilly will be attending Indiana University in the Jacobs School of Music, this fall, where she will be majoring in classical voice performance with a dual degree in communications. While studying Reilly hopes to join the eleven different choirs offered at Indiana University, especially the opera choir. She says, “I would love to participate in the six operas done at IU every year, and in the various acapella and performing arts groups on campus.” While she is excited about her future endeavours studying music at a world-class institution, Reilly looks forward to being a part of the Big 10 school atmosphere with great sports and many activities and organizations on campus. In terms of advice for current students, Reilly states, “If you’re really passionate about music, theater, art, whatever it may be, pursue it to the full extent. Don’t let fear, or self-doubt, or disappointment stop you from going for your dream! It sounds cheesy, but it’s worth it to live without regrets and know that, despite everything, you shot for the stars.”

Eli Gottsegen has participated in PACE and the school musicals for all four years of his high school experience. Being a musical theater prodigy since a young age, Gottsegen has decided to bring his talents to Northwestern University this fall as a theater and political science major. While at Northwestern, Gottsegen hopes to participate in the theater, especially musical theater, and get involved in acapella. As time goes on, he hopes to possibly create his own musical group on campus as well. When asked what he was most excited for about the next four years, Gottsegen highlighted that he was eager to meet new people and share new experiences with them both inside and outside of the classroom. Gottsegen gives advice to current high schoolers and says, “If you love it, go for it. There will always be demand for the arts. It is our job to pursue and create.”

During her four years of high school, Katie Broderick has been involved in PACE and all of the annual school musicals. Being surrounded by the arts, Broderick decided to bring her talent on the stage to Emerson College where she will be getting her BFA in Theater and Performance. As she works towards her degree, Broderick will be engaging in other art forms and she plans on auditioning for different theater groups as well as musicals and vocal ensembles. When asked what she was most excited about to start her journey in college, Broderick highlights that she cannot wait to continue acting all day, every day instead of in an extracurricular outside of high school. She also explains that she cannot wait to meet new people throughout the next four years and be surrounded with so many people that share the same love for acting and the arts. As advice to younger students Broderick gives a few words of guidance and says, “Honestly, as long as you have the drive and passion for whatever art form you want to pursue, you’re bound to be successful. There’s no right or wrong way to pursue a career in the arts. The process is long and hard, but being on the other side of it, I can tell you that it is 100 percent worth it.”

Mamaroneck High School will miss these seniors, and every senior graduating from the arts, dearly and cannot wait to see what they have in store in their upcoming endeavours in life.